Fallbrook Fertilizer, Feed & Farm Supply

aka Pet Store


  Since 1976 we have provided an extensive line of crop, farm, livestock, pets and garden supplies. We carry Hay too!

Call for local Deliveries! 

We have a variety of baby chicks and turkeys from February till July! 

Monthly low cost shot clinic for your cat & dogs! 

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We are glad to be here for you to shop, at your only local pet, feed and farm supply store.

Providing you with Feed Experts, Fertilizer Experts & Pet Food Experts. From our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Pet of the Month




This is 10 year old Jasmine doing what she loves best!  Her version of a stick! 




January Special

Venture Dog Food

 You can’t expect to create exceptional dog food unless you make the effort to find the best ingredients, and sometimes the journey to finding the best ingredients is an exciting venture. Moving forward in a new direction, we are focused on creating a defined diet for dogs made of superior ingredients from sources we can trust. We may have limited the ingredients, but the nutrition and palatability are nothing close to limited. 


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